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The Wildfires Projekt

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Flaming Phoenix Wings

The Wildfires Projekt Hoodie


Hey DCL team,
I worked on this and going to do a run down of the specs.
The wings are a tiara and I’ve gone with a flame Bindi .

Two textures:
Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Emission glow/Transparency

Hoodie is two textures but transparency is getting classed as a texture, logo is The Wildfires Projekt and @wildfiresNFT can confirm:

Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Fire/Glow

Let me know of any changes and anything I can do to help approval~ :fire: :cloud: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


this looks amazing! following!!!

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Bump for approval please~

Bumping for approval please~ :cloud: :cloud:

I cant believe I have missed this, Finally a different theme of wings that aren’t “Techno”

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This is another wearable that contributes to charity so HAS TO BE FIRE :fire: :fire: :fire:

this is nutty way to go @michi

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Hey @michi please send the agreement with The wildfires projekt to

And also the wings are categorized as tiara but there is no tiara, also the tiara should appear as the main asset in the thumbnail (more than 50% of the thumbnail). I’m sorry but there is not category such as wings.

Hoodie is OK.


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It looks amazing! Congrats for the nice work.

Hey Shibu,
This has been updated to highlight the flame on the forehead and an email has been sent by @wildfiresprojekt Johnny to confirm logo usage.


Thank you so much and let me know if there’s anything else I can do! :cloud: :pray:

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These are absolutely incredible! Really looking forward to seeing these in game!

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They looks awesome … like a phoenix rising

bump for approval please~ :pray: :cloud:

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uhm, i love this one too. How can i get it? Once this is approved, when and where can i get it ? from the marketplace?


It should be available in the marketplace after approval!
Follow the band on Twitter for updates I believe:

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My heart is just burning for this set! I cannot wait!

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collection approved @michi !


Hey guys! I changed the name of the wearables maybe a month ago? Yet it still says in review. I also keep trying to lower the price but it’s given me an error over and over. Can someone help with this?

Hey! You might not have received a reply because we dont get notified when a collection is closed and just need to be tagged. I’ve checked with the devs about the issue, someone recommended trying on polygon but I’ll follow up on this!
Soz @wildfiresprojekt !