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The Voice Metaverse Collection

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The Voice Microphone 001

The Voice T-shirt “I Want You”

The Voice Coach Voxel Wig

The Voice Coach Headphones

The Voice Coach Rabbit Ears

The Voice Coach Sunglasses

The collection has been assigned to theankou

the voice ears:
add additional tiara model to match tiara category

weights of this part needs to be assigned to 1 to hip bone

do you have IP rights for “The Voice” show name? please provide them to

@theankou the proof of rights has been sent to yesterday from email address.

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Hey @anna_s all good, i’ve got update from legal team and all good!
Waiting for updates of listed issues :slight_smile:

Can we change the category to “Top Head” and keep them the way they are?

hey @FrankyNeedles if you will change category to top_head, you will need to add additional top_head model to match category, if you want ears to be as is, without changes, then it’s perfectly match hat category right now

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Ok. I’ve made the ears a hat and the shirt fixes are in.

collection approved!

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