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The Sevens Genisis Collection

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Black 777 Helmet

Black 777 Hoodie

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Really cool mask

But i think you meant to hide ‘‘hair’’ and ‘‘facial hair’’ right now it’s clipping through as you can see below.

Also it might be a little too emissive on the back, wdyt?

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the changes have been made can you please check!


Looks like the female is using the male representation of the hoodie which doesn’t fit. the female avatar has a higher waist

Ok updated changed to male only :+1:

Are you able to approve it now?

Need Approval ASAP! :yum: Changes have been made and IP consent has been sent to DCL Legal!

It’s still available for female avatars. Maybe you didn’t hit save

Ok ive Just fixed it :+1:

Okay, approving now :+1:

Thanks! Community will be happy to hear

Is there any way to change the name of the collection?

slight name change only please reapprove

@Chestnutbruze please reapprove its just a name change

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