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The Perfect Halo

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** Epic Royal Blue Halo**


@Shibu @SteveScott @Malloy @Chestnutbruze @vrglitch @Lauretta

Approved by the DOA?

It usually takes a little while but it updates automatically, sometimes takes about a month :v:t2:
(Regarding the blue tick)

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@mrmookie could you show us one item that has the blue tick? Only to understand better…

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Thank you so much!! Just the answer i was looking for! so all i have to do is wait. that makes the most sense because my first two projects are the only ones with a blue check as of now. I just started selling on OpenSea two days ago i was confused but not ANY MORE THANKS TO YOU @MetArtisan

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Blue tick as in part of the verified collection on OpenSea~


@mrmookie you’ve probably tagged the wrong person. I answered you in another thread, giving you my point of view.

However I think you should create a separate thread in the “Questions” section, because in this way you are messing your threads in this section, where this section is more technical and concern the publication of the wearables, but here you have a general problem, not a specific problem with one specific item.

Just my 2 cents


Okay do I just have to wait. Thanks a lot for filling me in on how it works

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@Lauretta I Changes the entire design and Thumbnail. Check it out!

@Shibu @Malloy @vrglitch

Yoo from reddit here! Thx bro!


@mrmookie just reviewed this one nice work approved!

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Thank you! You really are working hard and we apricate everything that you do.