Collection 'The Muse - Bay Backner x Vueltta' created by Bay#b263 is ready for review!

The Muse - Bay Backner x Vueltta

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The Muse - Headdress

The Muse - Gown

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

@Yannakis thank you so much for reviewing this collection. It will be part of a Decentraland art installation for The Royal House of Medici sale opening at Art Basel Miami.

I worked with KJ Walker at Low Poly Models World on the wearables, and we’ll respond quickly to all feedback.

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Everything looks great! Just remove the head from the Gown wearable so its not misleading and ill approve asap!

Thank you for the quick feedback @Yannakis ! I’ve uploaded a new image for the gown wearable without the head. Does this all now work for you?

Collection approved!

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Wonderful, thank you!!

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