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The Lumatics Xmas 2022

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Kevin Christmas Sweater

The collection has been assigned to Sango

hi can you send proof of IP rights to

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hi, we don’t have it, sorry…

Can we make variations on the sweater in order to be accepted? What changes can we make? Can we change colors and more?

you can change anything you wish, its just the images taken from the film that warrents the email to legal

Ok. Is the first collectible I publish. I guess no additional fees are applied for the change, are they?

no extra charges, just change out the model with a new one

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Great! Thanks for the feedback

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Hi @Sango ! We updated the sweater and now it is ok and ready to be reviewed again. Thanks!

Hi @Sango ! The sweater hasn’t been reviewed again or accepted. Can I have some info please?

Hi, im currently waiting to hear back on the team on their thoughts of the design and whether it requires IP to use so it will take a little time to hear back from them. the quickest way to get it approved will be to use an original design that you own the IP to

Hi @Sango ! Ok, I understand. We updated the sweater again, this time without IP issues.
I sent the Ugly Sweater Contest form again for this new version. Please, consider it in case it is out of time, as I was waiting for your feedback :wink:

This collection has been approved

Thanks! By error I minted the items to my address instead of selling them in Primary sales (first time doing it…). Is there any chance for me to sell them again in primary sales with the same price I set at the beginning? Thanks!

you will have to sell them on the secondary market and set your intended price

Yes. I see it is the only way. Now I know the process for next time.