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The Honest Lawyer Paris

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The Honest Coffee

WOW!! A Coffee Helmet! I wonder how it looks like with the different kind of hairs but i think it would be meant to it :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see this in DCL, really great job ! :wink:

Checking this out now!

Hey! Currently the face is penetrating through the cup. If you want the face to penetrate through I’d reccomending designing a cutout hole so the mesh isnt penetrating so obviously. Or else please hide the ‘head’, ‘hair’, and ‘facial hair’ so its just the mug.



Also looks like you have some flipped normals on the coffee cup handle. Please check


Hey sir @grimey ! :slight_smile:

We just fixed it and hided the head as you supposed us to do it, we also drew a cartoon face on the cup to make it look like a head and we hided head, facial hair and the hairs, the wearable is still an helmet… :wink:

Thank you a lot sir! :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thanks for the update. New face is looking good. It looks like you still need to fix the normals on the handle. Check out the screenshot -


Hello again @grimey !

I just modified it and replaced the handle with a more simple one, the normals should be good right now :wink:

Thank you a lot for your time you took on my first ever wearable! :slight_smile:

Hope to see this asap on the marketplace! :smiley:

Great thanks! Approved!