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THE Giftbox Collection

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THE Gift - Free NFTs


I want this. Will be useful


This is genius, and it incentivises new DCL members to play more frequently. Everyone wants a free gift. Big thinking BigMouth!


Thank you! The idea is to have a representative person at Events or Places to give out Wearables to people.

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Jaja! I want to be a gift box! :gift:

Hey I’ll check this~

Hey @BigMouth , how would you feel about making it closer aligned to the avatar structure?
Currently we’re tightening up on static wearables and base models that aren’t very close to the armature structure due to quality purposes/game dynamics.
An update could even include arms and legs to make a more flowing avatar but I dont want to dictate your design decisions~

Let me know when you update and I’ll re-review! Thank you for understanding.

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Hey there thanks for the fast reply @michi

I am aware of the ongoing discussion about static wearables not getting approved and will be adding arms/legs to keep up with your quality purpose and game dynamics requirements…

However I do want to note this would reduce the quality of my creation and kind of misses the point of the Skins category. This isn’t really clear in the guidelines around skins, since when can’t we have the freedom to create!?

Also, submitting this wearable as a helmet and using wearables which “hide” the other body parts would be fine? :man_shrugging:

I’ll make sure it’s optimised for approval…


I updated the wearable, please check and let me know what you think :heart:

So quick, thanks for that. I’ll re-review shortly!

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Hello, can you also please hide: hat?
Then this is good to go.

All done, thank you soo much!

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Thats all approved, thanks for making those changes~

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @BigMouth , are you able to update this design to be more humanoid IN a box?
Currently as a skin it’s not looking like a wearable and causing some confusion. Some feedback from the curation team has requested this design gets updated.

Feel free to reach out for support or help on this one!