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The FIRST Faberse Hoodie

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  • Description: The FIRST Faberse Hoodie
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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Hello! Checking this now

Good job! Can you please remove any ‘replace’? you don’t need it :slight_smile:

Let me know when you are done :slight_smile:

I removed the “Upper Body” from the replace

Thanks for reviewing,

Hello @Faberse collection approved!

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Hi @fabeeobreen ,
I minted one wearable to see how it looks in the world and it seems to be deferent from how it looks in the builder.
The text on the chest is pixelated, while in the builder it looks perfect…
How can I change it? Can I edit it?

In world:

In builder:



Hello @Faberse !
It seems like you need to pump your DCL settings like antialiasing.

Also when I use maximum setting (with acceleration) the text on the chest is still pixelated.
It seems like the text is too small.
I don’t understand why it was looking good on the builder but not good in world.
Can I edit it?

Texture size limit is 512x512 px, you will not be able to update an higher resolution text.
The editor is a much way lighter enviroment than the open world, this is totally normal.

Got it , thanks @fabeeobreen
I’ll ask the designer what he can do, and come back.

Hi, @fabeeobreen
I updated the file, I think its better now.
Can you take a look?


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Cool! Collection approved!

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