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The Fearless Collection

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The Dreaded Crow

  • Description: Live fearless, live free. Art by Hazardous
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: helmet

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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Hey, make sure to hide hair and hat categories

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Hey Yannakis, good to speak to you. I was actually thinking of running this by you before I went ahead. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that the user could choose whether to use some hair types with the helmet or not. Short hair types work well. So do I get the option now to amend what gets hidden? And if i hide the hair can a user choose to turn it back on with the helmet? Many thanks mate!

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Unfortunately youd have to hide them to avoid clipping issues. Users cant unhide it

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Thanks dude, live and learn I guess. Out of curiosity, what happens if I leave the hair unhidden and I try to mint them?

BTW really like what you’re doing with Dice Masters :clap: It’s awesome! - if you need any help with some small basic modelling tasks/graphics - let me know. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’ve hidden hats and hair on my end and resaved. There’s no option to resubmit so I presume the ball is in your court mate.

Thank you, will DM you regarding that. Could you please make the inner faces double sided so they dont appear transparent?

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Good spot - I’ll sort that out today and upload it. I thought the UV’s would appear opaque on the reverse. Would back face culling sort this out? I’ll add some faces in today and upload. Thanks dude!!

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Nope, back face culling doesnt work in dcl unfortunately.

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No problem, I’ll sort it tonight. Please can you confirm how I upload the revised model to that collection for you to sign off?

Sorry mate newb questions - i’ll only ever ask once.

UPDATE: I figured it out - New model has been added. Is there any way to change the collection name to just ‘Fearless’?

Thanks Yannakis!

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No unfortunately collection name cant be changed…

Thought as much - just thought I’d double check - Newb questions done!! :slight_smile:

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Collection approved!

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Woohoo! Thanks for all the help dude! You’re the man! :slight_smile:

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