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The Fabricant Exclusive

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GM boots exclusive

Hemdrok Jacket Exclusive

Hey, gonna review this now.

  1. There are clipping issues when wearing pants. Nothing rigging-related, as I can see, it’s because the waist of the pants is higher than waist of the avatar. True for male representation only.

  2. It’s possible to see avatar’s skin through the jacket sometimes, see the attached pic.

  3. There is a gap here.

  4. There is a gap here


Hello! Reviwing the changes.

  1. Pants are ok now.

  2. There still is a gap her:

  3. Looks like both representations use the same jacket model, hence the problem with low waist on the female representation:

  4. Also, consider using double-sided shader, that would negate some of the see-through issues and the issue on the screen below.


Hi Andrey! Just uploaded a new version.

  • added a female version with higher waist, no intersection with the female legs/bum
  • slightly widened the waist of the male version, fixing a minimal intersection at the back
  • the vertical gap is part of the original design, we have to keep it
  • moved the chest and neck area on the male version slightly to the front, avoids intersections with the body/skin geometry around the neck and the vertical gap
  • using a two-sided shader as far as we can tell

Hope this solves all problems and the collection will get approval in this round. Many thanks!
Dim @ The Fabricant

We are under certain time pressure: need to mint those today and distribute them to their new owners for the Metaverse Fashion Week. If there is any further issue, I hope we can address it after/at the same time as the publish/mint. If you have any doubts or need more context, could you consult with Martin Shibuya (Shibu)? Thanks again!