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The DCL Report Class 2

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DCL Reporter Frisky BumbleBee

As a note, I have a mini size thumbnail, but kept not allowing me even though its within the file size limit (thumbnail plus actual file less than 2 MB)
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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @KevinOnEarth, this looks amazing~
Just flagging it’s set to male. If you’re ok with this let me know and I’ll approve~~~


Thank you!!! Our reporters earn their 1 of 1 jackets (like content creators rookie cards of DCL!) after their 26th report, a huge achievement few have attained!

Frisky earned it! It’s okay that set to make :pray:

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Hot off the press, this is approved!
First to get the scoop~~~~

let me know if you need any further support :smiley:

Yoo! Quick Question!

There seems to be an issue with the thumbnail setup, won’t let us change it to what we hoped :confused:

Lmk what you think! <3

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File size is 366 KB on the thumbnail

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Hey, file size actually should be something like 1.7mb to allow a few mb for the builder to have some metadata or something like this! Try uploading the whole wearable from scratch and add the thumbnail at the start (if you haven’t already) otherwise feel free to DM me somewhere and I can support in getting it uploaded or flag with devs~~~