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TFS x DCL Fashion Week 03/22

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Season 1 #1611

Season 1 #2382


Season 1 #1642

Season 1 #1045


Season 1 #2208

Season 1 #1253

Season 1 #811

Season 1 #30


Season 1 #260

Will check these now!

Hey, just some clipping issues marked in the pictures. Also pls limit tris to under 1500 or 3000 for both Upper and lower body and thextures to under 2 plus ksin texture.

Also please make the backgrounds on all thumbnails transparent!

Hi Yannakis,

  • clear on the jacket comments, will fix it asap
  • not clear on the top - the screenshot seems fine to me?
  • I imagine the transparent background is needed to leave the rarity color visible? Is this a hard condition to publish? We are not going to sell those, so for us or the people wearing the items it’s not important that the rarity is easily recognisable.
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There are parts of the body that stick through the top when avatar is moving. Probably overlayed faces not weighted to the same bones.

Thanks Yannakis. They should be all fixed now.

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Please make all backgrounds on thumbnails transparent to not cover the rarity color.

Hi Yannakis! Thanks for your patience. Just uploaded a new version.

  • removed all thumbnail images, using now the auto-generated ones
    for the jacket:
  • added a female version with higher waist, no intersection with the female legs/bum
  • slightly widened the waist of the male version, fixing a minimal intersection at the back
  • the vertical gap is part of the original design, we have to keep it
  • moved the chest and neck area on the male version slightly to the front, avoids intersections with the body/skin geometry around the neck and the vertical gap
  • using a two-sided shader as far as we can tell

Hope this solves all problems and the collection will get approval in this round. Many thanks!
Dim @ The Fabricant

We are under certain time pressure: need to mint those today and distribute them to their new owners for the Metaverse Fashion Week. If there is any further issue, I hope we can address it after/at the same time as the publish/mint. If you have any doubts or need more context, could you consult with Martin Shibuya (Shibu)? Thanks again!

Collection approved!

Thanks so much Yannakis!

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