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Temple Game Werewolf

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Werewolf Feet

Werewolf Legs

**Werewolf Upper Body **

Werewolf Head

Will check these items now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please hide mask, hat, earring, tiara, top head for the helmet

Small emissive material edits were made.
What is required to avoid hidding earring, tiara and top head for the head?
We already have hand-held game utility wearables in “Tiara” and “Earring” category and are planning more hand-held wearables in the mentioned categories, hiding those would negatively impact the users experience.

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Unfortunately these have to be hidden to avoid clipping issues

What changes are required to the Head to avoid hidding the ‘Earring’ and ‘Tiara’ categories?

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The head shape should be similar to the base avatar so the earrings and tiaras can work without any clipping

This is ‘Wolf head’ lined up with the default ‘Avatar head’
The ears are lined up and exposed outside of the wolf head, same is with the forehead so all the existing “Earring” and “Tiara” category items should be visible when ‘Wolf head’ is equiped the same as if the user uses the default ‘Avatar head’

After testing some earrings in game I can confirm all of them clip with the head as well as the tiaras. Please also only display the included wearable in the thumbnails.

Thumbnails updated as requested.
Head mesh also updated, default ‘Avatar head’ ears and forehead are a lot more exposed outside the ‘Wolf head’.

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Earrings are good but tiaras clip with the hair/fur on the back/sides

Can this helmet Collection 'Roustan Star Gazer' created by Roustan is ready for review! be taken as example and instead of shrinking Wolf head mesh size at some areas as was already done for the ears, we can just make it more thicker on the back to hide back of ‘Tiara’?

Like mentioned before the only way to not hide these categories is if the items dont clip with the other categories.

So basicaly the gudelines have changed since Star Gazer was approved with ‘Earrings’ and ‘Tiara’ not hidden and now the only way to not hide ‘Tiara’ is to have the ‘Helmet’ in the same size as the default Avatar Head, meaning the Wolf Head Hair on the back needs to be ‘shaved’ off at the top side?

The Wolf head back size was reduced to fit tiara around the head

This is a specific tiara that is way smaller than the rest of default . All the rest of default tiaras will clip with this wearable. Unless the helmet is the exact shape as the base head all the wearables that are placed on it should be hidden.

To clarify the new rules for our future wearables, if we release new ‘Hair’ wearable similar in the idea to - Collection 'Doki MVFW23 Official Collection' created by Doki3D is ready for review! - #3 by collections - would it be also exempt from hiding ‘Earring’ and ‘Tiara’ category wearables even with the clipping issues the same as the this recent hair approval and all the default existing Hair wearables ?

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Correct. If the wearable clips with another category then that category has to be hidden.