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Teleperformance Sneakers

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TP Blue Sneakers

TP Brown Sneakers

hey i will check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Can you send proof of rights to use the Teleperformance IP to thanks

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We have done many wearables with TP but I can have my manager send the rights again if needed. Let me know. Thanks!

Hi! i have just spoken to legal and they said they will need to review authorisation for each collection

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We’ve sent an email to legal with authorization. Thanks!

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Hi! Have you heard anything back from legal about this?

Not yet, as soon as i do ill get the collection approved

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Is there anything more we can do to help this get approved? Let me know. Thanks.

Let me chase up the legal team about it

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This collection has been approved

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Hey @Sango We just updated the GLB female representation as we had uploaded the wrong colour sneakers.

Updates have been pushed