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Tegridy Farms - Ice Collection

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Tegridy Blunt Head

Private collection for DCL ice player TEGRIDY FARMS and his poker guild. Categories such as earrings were tested and the results were acceptable enough I chose to leave unhidden for TEGRIDY FARMS’ specific wearable drip for his guild. Thanks for your time!
(not all 1000 will be minted and only a handfull used at a given time)

Hey! I’ll review this now~

Thanks for the quick response!

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This is really cool and works well! Just before I finalise can you hide: mask, eyewear, hat and possibly tiara for approval~

@michi the mask definitely. Is there any way I can leave hat and eyewear on? The glasses actually look funny and match the weed kinda style. Please consider! If not, I’ll have to relay to the guy I made it for but I completely understand! Thanks!

Maybe I can keep glasses but still hide mask, hat? Sound ok?

Will do, thanks a lot!

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Just let me know when you’ve updated!

@michi Done! Thanks again!

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This is approved, please feel free to reach out if I can help with anything else!