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Takis Level Up T-Shirt Wearable

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Takis Level Up T-Shirt

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Let @ me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen thank you for your information. The files have been modified according to your suggestions. If you can confirm would be great. Thank you very much.

Hello @MartiRas

Now its not working both with female and male, I belive you are still using the wrong armature since you have extra bones. see image

@fabeeobreen thanks for your help. Have made a few changes. I checked in the “see int he world” option and I still can’t see it properly. Do you have any clue that what could be happening? Best Regards.

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Hello @MartiRas !
I belive you still using the wrong armature. Extra bones are not only on feet and head but also on each finger. You will need to reskin your wearable to the correct armature file. (Armature – Google Disk)
I made this video showing you how: you will need to edit skin weights since autoweight is not enough, but exporting like this is working in game. (see images, the second one is my test)

@fabeeobreen we have done the changes
i think that looks perfect. If you could check would be great. Regards,

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Hello @MartiRas
Good job! It’s working good in game now :slight_smile:
Just one little fix: check neck skin weights, avoid disconnection from upperbody (male/female)

Thank you very much for your help @fabeeobreen. We have applied the changes to the wearable. Could you please check?

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Collection approved! @MartiRas