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Taiwan #1

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Taiwan #1 Wingsuit Vest


Hey, just reviewing this now~

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@DaddyChang would you be able to provide an accurate translation of this?

The best I could do is Captain of Creation which I think is wrong lol

Also please let me know if you’re happy with this level of glow~

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It basically says Captain Taiwan, like Captain America lol,
中華民國 is the official country name of Taiwan, means (Republic Of China) But it’s Taiwan!

And 隊長 means Captain

so 中華民國隊長 is: Captain Taiwan, Manderin’s order is backwards from English lol

And yes I’m happy with the glow, i noticed my logo is hard to see but that’s fine, i like da glow level of it, thx fo checking tho <3!

This is good to go, just pending a minute while builder catches up lol
I’ll approve this asap~

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woord, thx again Michi <3<3<3<3<3, yea i see the other one is through, this one still waiting, also always can’t wait to see your new gears :smiley:

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Thanks!!! Sorry for the delay I had some issues with builder earlier :expressionless:
I’ll try this again shortly. Really appreciate your patience :pray:

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