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Synergy of Serra - Bagni Mask

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Bagni The Triggered Mask

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Nice work!!! is this your art?

The item may have IP issues, provide written consent by Brian Valeza to proceed with this design. Please email from to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

I have just sent an email to legal. But to clarify for the thread, Calystral own the copyright for this IP, our copyright mark is clearly seen in the bottom right of the images that are linked to on ArtStation.

We have commissioned this wearable and so give our consent.



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TOP!, I want to see the full body :smile:


Thank you @Andy , Collection approved

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Amazing, thanks for letting me know!

Hi @vrglitch we’ve just added another tag to this model. It’s the only modification.

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Thank you, Collection approved

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Thanks again!! We’re looking forward to seeing people running around with these on :smiley: