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Sygnum Jacket

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Sygnum Cyber Jacket

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Limit for materials is 2 mat 2 tex + 1 mat 1 tex for avatarskin
currently you have 5 textures

Holes needs to be closed

marked area should be weight painted to 1 to neck bone

this issue needs to be fixed

Hi @theankou , thanks for your feedback.

I’ve fixed the materials-textures issue, closed the holes and the neck has been weighted properly.
I’ve also gone and fixed a lot of the weighting issues around the jacket.

Latest version is now active, please let me know what you think.

Edit: If you have any suggestions on how to improve the waist area on the t-shirt, they would be highly appreciated, thanks!

Edit 2: I’ve split the model into both male and female versions and tweaked them independently around the waist area. They should be ok now… let me know what you think please!

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Hey! All good with wearable now, model seems perfect on both male and female. 1 last thing needs to be done:
do you have IP rights for Sygnum? Please send them to team

Hi theankou, thanks for the information. Email has been sent to Legal.
Unfortunately I overlooked this final step, and this project has fallen slightly behind. Is there any way to expedite this verification process please? Any help you may provide would be most appreciated.
Thanks again for your time.

I will let you know when i’ll got updates from legal team

Can we get an update on this please?

no response from legal still

collection approved!

Thank you theankou for your help on this! looks good on our end too.