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Sweet Tooth Scent Backpack

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Sweet Tooth Backpack

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Consider adding some appropriate tags.

  2. Consider reducing the amount of tris for the wearable to at least 650.


Thanks @AndreusAs - is the asset approved?

No, untill the changes are applied it’s not.

Got it. Thanks @AndreusAs .
Do I need to pay again to resubmit the asset or just update the thread when the changes are implemented?

Hey, you don’t need to pay again. Just update the wearable and rag me here for re-review.


Great. Thank you, @AndreusAs .
I have just updated the wearable. Please take a look when you can!

Hey @AndreusAs just tagging you again for re-review.

Hey, collection has been approved!

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