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Sweat HighCo

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**Red Sweat HighCo **

Blue Sweat HighCo

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İ love hoodies they are very stylish and simple.


Looks good, 2 issues though. the underside of the hoodie seems to have unmerged vertices. It’s causing a gap in the wearable that you can see through

And the triangle count is way above the limit. It’s at 8k, but the limit for upper bodies is 1.5k, please reduce this amount significantly

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thanks a lot for your precious advises. We made the modifications and hope that the hoodies are ready to be approved! We built them on a 1384 triangles basis. Looks great !
Just one question : are you the person doing the review ?
have a nice day !

Great, thx for making the changes, approving it now

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Yeppeeee! thank you very much this are great news! Have a nice day!