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Sneaky Vampire Hoodie

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reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, I noticed in the description it says ‘‘unofficial’’ sneaky vampire hoodie. Anything involving an established IP has to be verified by the owner of the IP, sneaky vampire syndicate in this case. And since it is ‘‘unofficial’’ I assume it isn’t verified. However I recommend you contact if you can provide documentation otherwise.

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I will get the project owner to write in. Thanks

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Also, may i ask what is the red band on the arm referencing? is it something to do with Sneaky vampire syndicate?

The red band is just design

I have already informed the project owner regarding the approval. Once I get the In-principal writing and I will write in together with their names and email to

Alright, please inform me here when you do :+1:

Hi, sorry for late reply the Team was very busy with recent launched of their project.
May I know I can still change the Hoodie design? The Project owner asking me to remove the red band.

Hey, you can upload a new version under ‘‘edit representation’’


Did the project owner also provide consent regarding this wearable to ?

The team asked me to make changes to the hoodie by removing the red band on the right side. I have uploaded the latest files for male and female

Legal department has given approval from Santiago Esponda
When can i expect an approval?

Hey, sorry for the wait, approved it now :+1:


I have updated the wearable Hoodie. Was checking will there be someone reviewing it?


You need to change the thumbnail too since you changed the design of the hoodie

Ok I will update it now

I have just updated the Thumbnail

You need to make it transparent like the previous one


This is the one I uploaded

Try to upload it again, cause i see a different one