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Sushi Sneakers

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Genesis SushiSwap Sneakers


amazing shoes! checking them right now

seem to be workin fine, thought they are a little big, if you tell me that it’s on purpose I will approve them. Let me know!

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Love them!, gimme gimme!

Thanks but your patience but we have notice that you are using the sushi swap logo, do you have permission to use it?

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Hey Lauretta, yes, please check out our twitter and Opensea

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Ok that’s nice! @sushiswag it’s complement to the real shoes?, they look really cool, thanks for your patience just wanted to make sure, you never know.

Yeah we sold the NFT which was redeemable for a physical pair!

Now everyone who holds that NFT will be getting a pair of these :slight_smile:

On purpose, yep :slight_smile:

Happy for them to be approved as soon as they can be

Nice hope they like them. Approved!

Thanks @Lauretta !