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Summer Festival Fits

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Absolut Printed Shorts

Button-Up Absolut Shirt

Festival Specs

Absolut Dancing Dress

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Hello checking this now

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Part of 4 collections @yannakis is working on a couple of them. Please find attached a point of contact email if you have any ip concerns.

Ok!! @Yannakis do you want to take this one as well since your are curating the other parts?

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Go ahead @fabeeobreen!

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Hello @GrizzledGatsby !

  • Short: Good to go!
  • Shirt: Female good to go. Male representation has a little hole in the front part (see image)
  • Glasses: Good to go!
  • Dress: Please add back geometry to avoid see through holes, wearables are not double sided inworld (see images)
  • Please update the thumbnails to be 512x512 px

Let me know when your are ready :slight_smile:

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on it will talk to artist.

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Working with an artist to rework the dress will update soon. Thanks for your patience and your dilligence.

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Any chance we can add M and F representations to this even though originally submitted as “both”? We have new cleaned versions to submit modelled for both representations.

Yes sure, when you upload the wearable select “male” and create the item.
Later when you upload the second representation select “female” and it will ask:
“Is this part of an existing item?”
You will click on yes and the second item will be linked to the first one

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Cannot seem to do that once collection in review. The original dress was only one representation selected as “both”. So I can edit one representation but not add another. I went to create new item and select “part of existing” but ui read “no valid items available” even after making original male.

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@fabeeobreen check the one currently uploaded for both. May work. Other issues should be fixed

Hello @GrizzledGatsby !
Yes thanks for pointing out, you are right you cannot add representation after you publish the collection.

  • Dress is now ok for both!
  • Glasses are not double sided in world, maybe you want to add some back geo for the lens (see image)
  • Check shorts hips skinning on the female representation (see image)
  • T-shirt is ok for the fem, the male one still has a little hole in the front part

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These changes are ready to resubmit but I have been having some problems in editor. It will only let me swap out one representation for these items. Now that I have swapped out M says there is no F representation. SO i switch avatar to female and then switch representation and make sure attached to F but … nothing. This is clearly a bug within editor and not your fault. Is there someway to rebuild this collection from scratch and resubmit without losing MANA?

Hello @GrizzledGatsby !
There is no way you can “delete and re-create” a collection without loosing the mana fee.
Even if sometimes the editor bugs you out you should be able to fix everything. Just be sure to keep the same rules you applied when you published your collection.
If you have been creating all wearables as “both” you must keep this way. Avoid trying to upload different versions for different gender.

Right now i see:

  • Dress + Eyewear for the male
  • All items for the female


  • Eyewear is now double sided and good to go.
  • Shorts: Much way better rig, good job
  • Shirt : Good to go for the female version.
  • Dress: Good to go
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I am following how things were published. Those items had two representations to begin with but editor being real weird about it. I will keep battling to try and get both representations in. Wish me luck.

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Seriously a problem with the editor. When you go to replace a representation it only allows for one rep either male, female or both. SO when I swap out Male it somehow becomes MALE only. When I go to add female it swaps out for female only. Very weird. It does not give you that same option to attach to existing item. Swapping out representation appears to override everything. Is there nothing that can be done? This is a DCL problem not a problem with how I set up the collection. Inclusivity is a big part of this clients ethos, they worked hard to make the wearables accessible to as many as possible.

Heyo @GrizzledGatsby I’ll take this to the dev and get back at you.
My personal easy-hint for the moment: try later. Sometimes it’s just the polygon networks that may be under pressure

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Appears to be a bug not network congestion but, will try again later nonetheless. I have been battling overnight and didn’t want to flag until I was sure it wasn’t me. Please let me know if you hear back. Really appreciate you!

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@GrizzledGatsby we’re currently working on a better experience when uploading items with different male & female representations. At the moment, there’s a way to achieve what you need by first creating a male or female representation and then accessing the item detail page to create the counterpart using the context menu option like the following image shows:

Let me know if that works!