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SugarClub Infinite Moonwalk

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** SugarClub Infinite Moonwalk**

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Collection approved!

In the preview head is not moving together with body. Not sure if it is issue with this emote or Doki Doll Face?

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i havent hear any issues with people using it inworld as such. let me know if this error happens inworld.

Hello Yannakis, i pushed a change due to an error in keyframes : the rotation was based on armature object rather than avatar_root bone, which was causing conflict with the normal walk cycle if pressed at same time.

so i corrected the rotation motion to avatar_root bone instead !

@Yannakis , I think this information is also important to add to the documents for rotating the avatars during animations, use the ctrl_avatar_root to prevent the rotation from unintentionally carrying over to the normal run/walk cycles.

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Hey, with this new annimation the character get a bit out of bounds… Could you please reduce that?

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@Yannakis i corrected bounds location and uploaded the file. let me know if everything is in order. thanks !

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Awesome, approved the change!

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