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Stylish tiger triangle bikini

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Triangle Bikini Italian Tiger

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Hello! Tech is good, just a couple of things:

  • change “lowerbody” from replace to hide
  • update the thumbnail to PNG with transparent background: back color is given by your rarity choice
    Let me know here @ when you are done :slight_smile:

Just changed everything.


Collection approved!

@Cosmos3D I want to preface this by stating I am by no means an expert on blockchain functionality, but after a bit of digging it looks like you may have interacted with a malicious NFT. I suspect it’s from a ‘collection’ that promotes what I suspect is a fake NFT marketplace. (MATIC.ART)

I would highly suggest you check your connected sites on Metamask, and disconnect from ANYTHING you don’t recognize, but especially MATIC.ART if you are connected. You may also check (a resource used to view the full history of your metamask, and any connections or authorizations you may have unintentionally granted.

I don’t know the level of compromise you have been subjected to either but I’m going to recruit some help from more knowledgeable individuals in our community. Until then I would suggest not doing ANYTHING other than disconnecting from unauthorized/unknown to you sites. Seems that any action you take may actually be granting additional permissions on those specific tokens though.

How to Revoke Token Allowances

In light of the risks using unlimited / infinite token allowances, it is a best practice among DeFi and Ethereum users to review token allowances a few times a year and edit/revoke any infinite allowances back to 0. It stems from an ethos among the crypto community “Don’t trust. Verify.”

Zapper just released a new feature in the Settings menu to revoke allowances. Here’s how to approach this best practice of revoking unlimited allowances right on your Zapper dashboard:

  • Click on Settings in the left menu → Manage under Allowances or go directly here
  • Look for any highlighted UNLIMITED allowances and then click the green Revoke button one at a time
  • Each Revoke transaction will set the spending limit for that smart contract address back to 0, protecting your wallet and tokens
  • One might also choose to Revoke higher allowances even if it’s not “unlimited”
  • Be sure to repeat this process for each of your wallets

Pulled from their help section so sorry this happened to you. But its not a glitch, you have definitely been compromised.

Hi Frank,

thanks for your feedback. But are you really sure that I has been compromised? The transaction looks absolutely ok to me and shows my wallet. Just that I never received the minted items.

I was just double checking everything and there was actually not just one token allowance set. Even I never had any NFTs on this wallet and there was just a few well known sites connected. However, I removed those sites and left only DCL connected.

So I am still relaxed and would bet on a glitch… But I really appreciate your help!



@Cosmos3D - Yes, I’m sure. And from the time I posted to the time I’m reading this, you also attempted to mint one of your new dressed to yourself and it went to the scammer.

We just discovered this issue with another creator who experienced the same thing. The solution my friend @Roustan found to assist the other creator was to advise them to delete their Metamask entirely and import it into a NEW Metamask using your existing seed phrase.

Unfortunately it’s definitely not a glitch or it would be something everyone was experiencing globally. I don’t have a full understanding of the technical process of what is happening, but my general understanding is that the minting contract is being ‘overwritten’ by a malicious source, so while it appears everything is normal on your end, any time you attempt to mint/move an item or funds, your request will be overwritten and the asset will go directly to the scammer. I’ve asked Roustan to come advise when he has a moment. He’s been looking for you since you met at The Cove.

You can see additional advice from one of the curators here:

This is exactly what our curator advised though:

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Hey @Cosmos3D connect with me on twitter @roustanNFT and I can explain what and how we learned.

but what @Frank is saying is true. If you reinstall your metamask, the issue will no longer persist. it’s the only way to fix. But you need to install the same wallet using your seedphrase, not make a new wallet.

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