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Studio Nouveau Icon #2 T-Shirt

Studio Nouveau Icon #1 T-Shirt

Studio Nouveau Icon #3 T-Shirt

Hi all! After publishing, I tried to update the glb file for the Icon #1 wearable, as well as the thumbnails for all three wearables - I’m not sure if that came through here. I didn’t have the option to add the female version for #1, so I’m not sure if I can’t add at this point.

Try going to the item itself, and clicking on the … next to the red edit button.
Should give you the option to upload the other version.
I don’t work for DCL, but in my experience, making edits on your end does update it on the committee’s end.

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I appreciate the advice, thank you! Yeah, unfortunately I can’t find the option to “add female representation” where it was before I published on wearable #1. Luckily it looks like I successfully changed the thumbnail images. I didn’t change the two other wearables so they still have both male and female representation.

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Hey @studionouveau ! How are you?

Seems that the purple t shirt needs the female representation?


Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 10.11.39

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Hey @Shibu! I’m doing well thanks!!

Yeah, sorry about that - I had documented my issue above if you can see the comments. I went to edit the thumbnails, and can no longer see the option to add the female representation for that wearable.

I’ll check again now in case it has changed, but not sure if you have any suggestions for troubleshooting.

Thank you!!

Hey @studionouveau ! Ok, that seems a bug in our side, sorry for that.

Try adding the female representation in this screen: you would be able to add it. Let me know.

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Hey @Shibu ! Ohh ok - totally understand. I just found the screen and successfully added the female representation - sorry I didn’t find that sooner.

Thank you!

Hey @Shibu - hope all is well! I just wanted to check in - was there anything else I need to do for these? Thanks!

Hi @Kat @Shibu @vrglitch - sorry to bother, is this collection looking ok? I believe I have submitted what was needed.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Studionouveau, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It looks like your collection has been approved, please advise if there are any issues with it. Thanks!

Hi @Kat - Oh! Fantastic - sorry I might’ve overlooked this. Thank you so much! Just tested them, and they work perfectly!

Hi again @Kat - everything is working fine as mentioned. One small thing I wanted to check - the “Icon #1 T-Shirt” thumbnail is more pixelated than the other two. I believe I used the same method to produce all three. Not sure if there is anything that comes to mind in terms of troubleshooting this.

Thanks so much,

Hey @studionouveau glad everything is working well. I’ve just had another look at the thumbnails and the Icon #1 tee has a higher res thumbnail than the rest - 1024x1024px as opposed to 256x256px. This should be making that thumbnail clearer instead of more pixelated. If the issue is still active it could be due to pixel resampling in DCL and/or OpenSea. Hope this helps!

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Ohh ok - thanks so much for taking a look at that.

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Hi @Kat, I hope all is well!

Circling back to the above question from a while back -

I saw an option to update the thumbnail for this wearable - I tried updating the problem wearable thumbnail to the same size as the other two to see if it will appear better as the others do.

It says it needs to be approved though - is there any way this can be approved to test? Not sure if my submitted change has appeared in the queue.

Totally understand either way, and just wanted to check!


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Hey Ture!

Likewise :slight_smile: Of course, curation just needs to double check the changes before they go live. I’m hoping to have access again soon to help with this. In the meantime maybe another curator, like @Yannakis could check and approve the changes.

All the best!

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