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Strictly 4 the Breakers ($RAP)

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**Baby Freeze **

Top Rock

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi, the baby freeze emote needs to end in the idle pose.

The Top Rock emote shouldn’t have the idle pose at the start and end if you want to set it as a loop animation

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Thanks for the update @Sango

The designer Cyclopa is on it, should be updated soon

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@Sango files updated

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perfect, just noticed one last issue - The feet pull away from the lowerbody on the “baby freeze” emote

Peace @Sango It should be fixed now

could you check the last frame, i think you have an error there

@Sango think finally aha. thanks for the patience

let’s hope nothing new turns up :joy:

For example, the feets pulling away, did not show up like that in in my Builder :thinking:

This collection has been approved

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