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Stoney Cyberpunk Rocker

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Will check this now !

Looks good, let me know if the z-fighting is intentional on ears and eyes

Yes it is TY for double checking.

Sounds good, hide earring, mask, tiara and ill approve asap

Awesome done TY so much

Hey sorry meant to @ you it’s all updated @Yannakis

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Collection approved!

Awesome TY for your time

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@Yannakis Bless I was wondering if there is anyway I could unhide the earrings because some of them will work without clipping like the MetaZoo Intl. Future Earrings and that new Pink Neonsaber.

@Yannakis I updated it to include earrings and tiara I really want to be able to wear this with ArnjJoe’s new AtomPunk Orbital Coils it totally works with them. I’m already wearing the TopHead version now. Thank you for your time. Can you please re approve

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Okay sounds good, just approved!

Awesome TY so much :grinning:

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