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monster sneakers

Checking collection now! :slight_smile:

Collection approved!

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thank U for you approved
but now Not yet active

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thank you, looks like i missed it, i will approve collection now!

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Hi! There is one issue with your sneakers, currently icon have color background, but,

  • icon should be 256x256 / 512x512 with transparent background

Also, as i think, emission looks very bright, can you lower it on 15% please?

I’m sorry, I forgot.
Changed thumbnail to 256.
These are the blender emission notes I made now.
I’m not sure, so which one should I reduce?

Strength 8.0000, Decentraland support values bettween 0 to 1, i think 0.75 / 0.85 will be good value for your shoes, also you can check how it visually look by testing in-world

thank for your question.
Is there anything you’d like to ask.
When I enter see in world, I get an error like the image, so what should I do?

change network in metamask to ropsten

icon should have transparent background and .png format :slight_smile:

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Thank you for teaching me various things.
i can checked test in world ,so now i change png 256x256 with transparent and emission strength.
admin please approve my item

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collection approved!

Hi, sneakers icon still have background with color. Background should be transparent, fix that please, or i will need to disable collection, thank you!

Hi! Collection disabled. Icon should have transparent background, please, provide an update, thank you. :face_with_monocle:

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I misunderstood.
Now I fixed it to a transparent background.
Please check.
Thank you very much.

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thank you! collection re-approved! :+1:

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