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Hey, will review now.

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Thank you so much!! @AndreusAs

All good, but words on the chest are not visible almost at all. That might be because of low resolution of Choker texture (which is something we have to deal with due to resolution restrictions). Same goes for the earrings, though things are a little bit better in that department :slight_smile: Consider making parts of the model, responsible for the earrings and words on the chest occupy more space on the UV, that might help.


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Hi there, if this is a concern to pass it let me know- Stekkel as a designer doesn’t mind that it 's not too visible on the chest- but would you like us to fix this or ?

It glitters in motion, so yep, it would be better to get rid of them in this case.

Though the earrings are to be made a little bit more visible for sure.


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Ok will correct and get it back to you! @AndreusAs

Hi question from our designer @AndreusAs Could we make the earrings bigger and then leave the rest?

Make them bigger and remove words from chest, the rest is absolutely good to go.

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Hi @AndreusAs - One more question. Can we submit with changes to the words on the chest part to make them visible?

Yep, the words are good, the problem is they are not visible very well atm. Either fix them, or get rid of them - both ways are perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Hi @AndreusAs ! I believe the collection was resubmitted - please let me know if everything is ok, thanks so much!

Hey! Unfortunately, words are still not seen most of the time. Earrings are ok:

And just one more thing - please, make backgrounds on all thumbnails transparent - it’s required to be this way so that rarity colors are applied correctly on the marketplace.


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Hi @AndreusAs and thanks for taking a look. Will do on the thumbnails thanks for telling me this. For the choker, the designer wanted a sense of sparkle, that was the intention, it did not need to be absolutely readable- ok to leave this?

If it’s the artistic choice - well then :slight_smile:

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@AndreusAs thanks Andreus. I see the thumbails are gone- but it’s I think still under review- ? Thank you

Collection approved!