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Star Pet 2022 by Oltecs

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Sparky Star Pet 2022 by Oltecs

  • Description: First Star Pet Sparky created in jan-1-2022 by Oltecs
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: tiara

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usually how lonk does the review takes???

Hey, cool star
Only issue is that is exceeds the max materials, which is 2.

And ‘‘top_head’’ would be a better category for this wearable

ok, can i fixe it or it is already denied :S, what i need to do after i have the item with 2 textures maximum?

materials* sorry i confused

Hey, just upload a new version with less materials

Materials Fixed, Category Fixed :slight_smile:

Is everyone agreeing to this? Please remember this is a legal agreement you’re signing.

The only reason I’ll bring this up and it’s not personal to you @Oltecs it’s just becoming way too common, if everyone keeps trying to break IP how can commercial companies enter the space to make official wearables when there’s a bunch of bootleg and it’s also making trouble for the DAO, committee members and other wearable creators.

Please be considerate.


I wanted to say something because I instantly recognized it as being VERY similar to Mario IP. I didn’t know how to word it properly but I think you said it perfectly.

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yes yes yes yes yes yes a million times more YES! just needs a little more personally i think to make it a little more different to mario star


It is just a star with simple eyes, i think the form is not the same too (see in editor) i can change the color if it is necessary, i just need the committee to confirm if needs changes.

What colour would you think to make the ‘simple star’ if Nintendo does it in every colour?


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Hey @Oltecs, i’ve discussed with the other curators about the IP issues with this and we have concluded that it’s too similar to the star from mario. So we would ask you to alter the design to differentiate it further

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Sure, i will make some changes

I already made the changes, i hope is ok now

hi, is it ok now???

Hey, no it has to be skinned to the armature, otherwise it doesn’t show up ingame. right now it’s not showing up, it’s only visible in the preview in the builder, not in world

changes are done, i hope it is ok now

hi, can you tell me if it s ok or if i need to make changes please

Hey, no it looks good. I’ll approve it now