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Stained glass | Seamm × Libertee

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Cargo pants | Seamm × Libertee

Sneakers 00s | Seamm × Libertee

Long sleeve | Seamm × Libertee

Bucket Hat | Seamm × Libertee

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, looks like you applied transforms after rigging. Make sure to remove any weighting, apply transformations and try reweighting. (All wearables)

Hi @Yannakis!
thank you for review.
Uploaded a new version of our collection. I hope all be fine.
Please, review it again.

Hey, shirt needs to be adjusted to waist area for both male female to avoid clipping issues. For pants you have to remove any weighting from the top area and make sure its only affected (red color) by hips bone and also include a male version because the waist is on a different height for male and female. Let me know if you need guidance on how to upload male/female representations.

@Yannakis thank you, really appreciate your review!
Maybe mixed-up with representations. Will check this again and let you know.

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Hi @Yannakis
Uploaded female and male representation.
Please review this collection again :pray:

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Everything looks good now. Just need to adjust the upper body a bit on both male and female to reduce clipping. You can either weight paint the areas to upper legs accordingly or adjust to the hips height.

Hi @Yannakis !
Added some weight to the bottom part of the longsleeve. Please review if everything is ok.

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Still the same. I suggest adjusting the height.

Oh I see. Will take some more time to fix it :raised_hands:

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@Yannakis hi!
Fixed the bottom part of the long sleeve. Now it should be fine :crossed_fingers:
Please review it again

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Colllection approved!


@Yannakis thank you :raised_hands:

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