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Squamata love

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Illusion Dream

Black Zodiac

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Hi! Checking collection now!

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Thank you for the quick response @theankou :smiley:

shoes seems to be skinned to 1 on left and right leg bone, thats right for top borders, but the rest of the shoe should be skinned to 1 for left feet and right feet bones and also there are a toe bones that used for toes, please adjust your model skinning, thank you!

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Hey @theankou i weighted the whole shoe to the leg bone to immitate realistic heels walking because they normally wouldn’t bend.

they bend when you walk and run :wink: needs to be fixed

Okay we can change it… rip to anyone walking in bending heels lol

in games some things should work not like in real life, for better look and less issues with overlaps and animations :slight_smile:

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No worries, changes have been made and i’ll let you know once they’ve been published. Thank you for the patience!

updates seems to be uploaded, collection approved!

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