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Springfield Metacollection

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Springfield Golden Beanie

Springfield Hooded Down Coat

Springfield Bike Hoodie

Springfield Striped Jumper

Springfield Boot Cut Trousers

Springfield Light Wash Jeans

Springfield Lightweight Jeans

Springfield Beige Sneakers

Springfield Retro Sneakers

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just a couple changes needed before i can approve:
i) Hat - Gotta hide the hair to avoid clipping issues. This will cause Character to be bold so if you want to have hair you need to add it to the mesh and name its material AvatarHair_MAT so it can change with the hair color.
ii) Jacket - has some clipping issues so the bottom parts have to be either weight painted to ethe upper leg bones or jacket has to be slightly shorter.
iii) Shoes - Make sure that the upper part of the shoe is weighted to the leg bone so it stays connected to the legs.

Hi! Thanks for answering so quickly!

Changes done! I hope everything is working properly now.

Thank you.

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Awesomee everything seems to work great now! Collection approved!

Great! Thank you so much!

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