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Spottie WiFi Wearables

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WiFey Pants

WiFey Cheetah Gang T-Shirt

WiFi Cheetah Gang T-Shirt

WiFi Pants

Spottie Sneakers

Spottie WiFi Skin

5528 Gold Chain

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Consider adding some appropriate tags.
  2. You can merge male and female item variations into one item with two representations. Was it an intention to not do so?
  3. Consider adding even a simpliest earring\earring pair to the Gold Chain, so that it doesn’t fall into a misleading category.
  4. It also seems we need confirmation you have rights to use the Spottie WIFI IP. Please, send letter with proofs to this e-mail:

Otherwise it’s good to go.


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Thanks for the feedback! Please find my replies/notes below:

  1. Thanks, I added a bunch of tags to each item that should help make them easier to find.
  2. Do you highly recommend merging these? I kept them separate because the female versions are more rare than the male versions.
  3. Thanks for this guidance, we added earrings to the Gold Chain.
  4. Email sent!



  1. The skin has no tags.
  2. Nope, it’s just a feature I wanted to make sure you’re aware of :slight_smile: If you want to keep them separate for a reason - it’s perfectly fine, but in this case, please make sure the items use different thumbnails.
  3. Model is good to go, but consider updating the thumbnail so that it represents the earrings, too.
  4. Email received :slight_smile:


OK thanks, I have added tags to the Skin and also updated the earrings/necklace thumbnail as well as the thumbnails for the male/female pants and t-shirts. Is there anything else I can do to expedite approval? Hoping to have airdrop these to my collectors asap because the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival begins today and my performance is scheduled for tomorrow.

Thank you!

Hey, collection approved!

I realized after I began minting that it makes a lot more sense for me to make all the shirts and pants unisex by uploading both male/female versions to each NFT - can you please re-approve them? Thanks you!

Hey! That means, both items will be identical, which is not allowed. Different rarities won’t help here.

OK so can I just change the color of one set of t-shirts and pants? I can make the more rare t-shirts white tee with black font and make the pants a special colorized leopard print. Please let me know if this would cure the issue. Thanks!

Yes, changing color will do.

OK thanks, the collection has been updated with the new colors/updates - please let me know if you need anything else from me in order to approve the updates asap. Thanks!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hi just checking in… Still waiting for approval.

Hey! It’s been re-approved for a while already, sorry for not letting you know here.