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Special Snowflake #2

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Special Snowflake #2

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Hey there. No comments?

These are the same model as My First Snowflake Earrings, just a different texture and a little shinier (roughness decreased).

Hey, i can’t seem to view your wearable, can you try to reupload it?
Also, what is the name of your other collection?

Sorry about that. Texture was the wrong size.
The other collection is called First Earrings.

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Based on feedback on Discord, I reduced metalic from 1 to 0.6. Now it will lighten in the preview.

Only the right earring is skinned to the head it seems

and the same goes for the previous collection too actually, so you should update both:

And also, the in game wearable material doesn’t have specular properties, so changing roughness and metallic doesn’t change the appearance in game

I don’t understand. When I run the dance animation everything looks normal. Why does it look different for you than for me?

Edit: I see, the left is attached to the neck, not the head.

I modified #1 and #2 so the weights are on the head instead of the neck.

okay, thx for making the changes, approved it it :pray:

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