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The is the begining of series of wearables for organisation an I am creating called the Supernatural Police Department (SPD). I am intending on creating a serious of games to include in Decentraland based around the SPD. Please feel free to visit for an example of what i am trying to achieve

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mmmm zombies and vampires. what are the games going to involve ? i like the vest

Hoping to create a few different games to be honest. Those with uniforms will get benefits. Also creating a membership to the SPD. I have just added my helmet/mask for the uniform for submission. Check it out @SPD - Helmet/mask. Any enquiries welcome

A pair of operational tactical pants are also being designed to complete the uniform.

Tactical pants hey and vest and Helmet
Hopefully the game is good.
What sort of game

The first game will be a basic first person gallery type shoot’em up, and a more indepth old school Doom/Wolfenstein 3D shoot’em up later with a play and earn scenario.

Hopefully admin will aprove both soon so I can get the ball rolling!

I cant wait to support this!!!

Thank you FatherFin. It will be a community project and keeping prices low so all can afford and be included. The games will be fun for all ages as well.

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At your service Faz!! xD

Once we get started will be sure to enlist your services. Each member will be given there own code name and SPD registration number!

BUMP for review please along with SPD Helmut/mask as the two are a pair

Looks good. But no gloves yet… need gloves

On the way!! Initially just the upper body and helmet/mask. But lower body, shoes and the gloves coming. And membership of course.

Bump for review with ‘SPD Helmet/mask’ collection. Would be greatly appreciated team

@Malloy … these bad boys with the helmet… thank you kindly

When is this available??? Been waiting to buy

@Faz Hi Bradley,

So there are these issues to contend with;

Major Clipping and vertex weight strengths:

The triangle count doesn’t have to be this high and the hands aren’t vertex weighted:

Please correct the clipping/weighting issues and bring it down to around 1.5k tris, cheers! Looks super cool!

@Malloy thank you so much! Will get onto the corrections immediately

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