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hey, I’ll review this now~

This is a really cool concept but totally a lower body piece. Would you consider making it something like pants or shorts suitable for that category?
Let me know and happy to discuss~

Thanks michi!

For me the idea is to be able to choose any pants or skirt, the tail will go through it giving a natural appearance that the pants have a hole for the tail.

The wearable would be very limited if I had to add a pair of pants, preventing users from choosing freely.

Could it be validated like this?

I would have liked to make a belt + tail but that category does not exist, the idea that the user freely chooses the pants is a base, what do you think I could do?

The problem is tail + lowerbody?
Maybe shoes instead of tail + lowerbody?

The wearable is very similar to others with tair + swords or shields.

For example this was recently listed: MecaScorpio Tail Black & Red - Decentraland Marketplace

Coooooool nft!! greetings for the creator

hey @Ina I just approved that like yesterday haha
So the scorpio tail had the same issue but I’d asked to move it up to upper body at LEAST to work with the placement of wings and back stuff and I was thinking that with this collection but might be bad feedback to have a tail above the hips. The only combo accessory I can think of in the past actually is shoes (like ankle gun), interested in making some cat boots? haha
These are just recommendations to meet the desired result I’m considering to have it make a bit more sense from a category perspective, currently it’s just too far from the slot which can cause issues when the devs add extra slot options like hand or back etc. Watch is the furthest from head that I can think of that is pushing the category distance without being part of upper body. Super happy to brainstorm with you or happy to see what you think of!

Let me know!!!

Hey michi thanks for your feedback and answer,

As creator perspective, I also had doubts about how create the tail and if the combo tiara+tail would have a problem for the comittee, because there are wearables that hang others (swords, scorpion tails…) but I didn’t find anything clear about that extra items in the wearables on the doc.
I’ve really had the idea to make a tail some months ago.

I like the tiara+tail combination, it gives a more karate look. for me its the more sense combination as wearable or user perspective. But maybe is not right in a more tecnnical presperctive.

For me as a creator, I wouldn’t touch anything.

maybe some bracelets would make sense.
Could I present tiara+bracelet (similar than tiara)+tail?

I can try to make some shoes, but it will take time and that’s not the idea.

If I presented some shoes, or some bracelet, would I have to eliminate the tiara? (I really like the tiara!)

I was sure about a “bracalet” category, but i double check before send my answer and i wrong, i find that the bracalets are really earings, for example:

Earings are in the head, and in this model are un the hands:

For me i should have approved this wearable without changes to not lost the original idea, but maybe the docs could be review with a more detailed explanation of how this kind of wearable could be approved could be so nice.

what do you think?

Note that im not english native hehe, and could be some kind of misunderstood.

Totally! This is definitely something I think should be added to the guideline updates so really appreciate the dialog!
SuperNova, ScorpioTail references are both to be upper+head accessory combo as per wings, backpacks, bags etc. Currently no bracelet category lol

The issue is more of a category clash, tiara + lower body are quite a stretch so I’ll just get some feedback from the committee before approving or giving further feedback to see if this could cause any game issues. If not then I’ll approve or if there’s issue then I’ll have to ask to update!

Thank you for your patience and I’ll @ you when I get some feedback!

Hey @Ina !
No issue with me approving this, good to go!

Can I just get you to make thumbnail transparent then I’ll approve?

great, thanks michi, the thumbnail its fixed

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All approved! Thank you~