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Malaga Free T-shirt

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Hello! :slight_smile:

  • Wearable is not working ingame, maybe you used the wrong armature file. Here you can find the correct armature file: Wearable Reference Models – Google Disk
  • Check female representation: hips height is different from male to female
    Let me @ know here when you are done!

Hi Fabeeobreen, we have uploaded new files. Please can you check if they are ok. Its our first time we upload an wareable to decentraland. Thanks for all your help.

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Hello @jimmypons !
The wearable has still the same issues: Are you using teh correct armature? It is not working ingame, I can see from the editor female is now at the right height but male is not anymore. You will need to upload 2 .glb, one for each gender. Or edit the shape so it fits without issues both ways.

Follow this video if you want to check your wearable in-game. (1:36)
Process is the same, you will now using goerli instead of ropsten network.