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Space Monster

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Space Monster

  • Description: He is watching you, run and don’t look back
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: skin

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Hey dear friends, hope you love this monster :heart_eyes: :heart: :metal:t6: :metal:t6:

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

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Hey there, cool design and this is working to game specs.
Can you please provide confirmation that you have licensing by 20th Century Studios (The Walt Disney Company) to use content from the Alien franchise ?
Please email to and once they approve I can proceed with approval process~

Thank you!

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hey dear @michi . his is not alien of 20 century and not is for alien vs predator, its lookalike than and many of character is difference.

if you need i will send you all of proccess of my design. this is new version of mix many character of games and movie and its not for one company or movie and games.

Hey thanks for letting me know! IP isn’t approved by the curators but shoot through your concept of design to to show it was your original concept and they will confirm approval since all together it follows guidelines ~

Let me know otherwise I’ll get back to you when legal gives the green light :v:t2:

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what need for sending email to legal@decentraland dear michi? I have not done this yet. should i send gltf file and proccess of my design? or something else
thanks for your attention. i working this near 1 month

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is this ok if i change shape of my design ?

Yep, you can update the shape or make any amendments before approval!
If you just shoot legal something that shows you have ownership of IP like concept development or something like a statement from yourself (“Hello, this is my original design created from different alien assets etc.”) with a preview of the wearable they can confirm or ask for more information.

If you can also hide: Hat, Earring, Tiara, eyewear and helmet!

Let me know if you get stuck or need more support~

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ok thanks for your help. :heart:

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dear michi can you check my skin? i change it
thank you

Hey @farhadshahgoli ! This looks super epic, if you’re happy with this level of glow (looking a bit bright but might be intentional) I can approve when you’re ready~

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dear michi i upload another file and fix bright and radar section. can you check it and if there is not problem to approve it. thank so much :heart:

@michi how is this not an IP issue? confused on the guidelines

@farhadshahgoli Can you please send ownership and permissions of your design to to avoid any conflict?

@dogman this design was updated but happy to have legal review it and confirm before moving forward again. :pray:


sure dear michi . I will send email for permission and again mention you :pray:t6:. there is Voyeur everywhere.

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dear michi how long take a time for answer from ?

It can sometimes take a few days due to timezone differences. I’ll shoot a message to make sure they received your email~

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Thank you dear friend, i waiting for any news. i spend near 1 month for this design. :heart: :pray:t6: