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Southern Light

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Southern Light jacket

  • Description: This first wearable for Southern Light!
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: upper_body

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I hope you all like this wonderful wearable hoodie designed by @Michi_Todd as part of our wearables of kindness funding program. This is the first wearable designed to represent the Southern Light neighborhood which is a group of landowners under the D of the Decentraland roads. Come visit and grab a hoodie to support round two of our fully funded wearable creators.

Details on my website


Your item has been approved. Thank you

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Hey friends!
Randomly recently this wearable has glitched out for no reason haha
Would I be able to request editing unlocked for @Cryptanthropy and I’ll send a GLB to update and should remove the glitch. (or if it can be refreshed on your side, that would be good. Looks fine in builder still on my end, just in game)

Can I follow up on updating this wearable? :pray:

Yes please, it is still glitching.

Just another follow up @HirotoKai @vrglitch to get this wearable rejected so @Cryptanthropy can update GLB.

Yes please, I have been unable to wear this item due to the glitch. Would love to have the glitch fixed.

Ready, collection rejected. Please let me know when you are ready.
Thank you!

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Ok thank you I updated the collection today so it should be ready for approval again. Apologies for the glitch.

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Thank you! collection approved