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Soultry Summer Solstice

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Soul Shine

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Hey, I’d suggest scaling up the necklace a bit and the bracelet to reduce clipping.

@Yannakis Hiii thank you for checking I designed this to be worn with dresses or tank tops and in conjunction with my other jewelry on the market. If I make it bigger it will interfere with my other necklace that I designed it around. Please let me know if it is possible to leave it this way?

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Hm okay maybe then just weight the lower part to spine 2 bone to avoid clipping?

@Yannakis ok will do thank you :pray:

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@Yannakis hiii Yannakis updated should be good to go. It’s weight painted more to the second spine bone and also raised it up from the body a little bit.

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Collection approved! @SoultryDubs

@Yannakis :pray: :pray: :pray: Ty so much

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