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Soultry Starry Night

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Color Theory

Will check this now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Haha got me with the male version… Please display it on the thumbnail so its not misleading and ill approve asap!

lol do I have to? its suppose to be a hidden joke :joy:@Yannakis

Yeah because people might expect to be able to wear it on male avatar too…

@Yannakis ok I’m on it brb

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@Yannakis Ok I updated:) I’m bummed it has to be displayed even though they can see it when they click on it but I totally understand too. :pray:

Thank youu, collection approved!

Thank you so much @Yannakis :pray:

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@Yannakis sorry to bug but for some reason this dress says under review still. I’m trying to mint one to someone who won a giveaway and it wont let me :smirk:

This is the latest one not the one you just reapproved @Yannakis :pray: