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Learning Hat

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Not sure if it’s on our side but can you try reuploading and saving, currently not showing up in game~

Just drop an @ when you’re ready!

@michi I’ve been trying to assist the publisher to troubleshoot this issue. This is a screenshot from Goerli which shows the wearable in the backpack in the test environment, but its not able to be put on. Do you know what might be causing this? I’ll keep an eye on this to help their team, but also sending them a link to this forum so they can see your suggestion too. Thank you!

Hey @Frank, I had the same issue above. Having a look it’s now no longer showing up in builder.
I believe its the armature being used.

If it’s still not showing up in builder try ticking “loose edges” also.
Let me know how it goes~

@michi Thank you! I will relay the message to the creator now! So he will need to update the blender file, reupload the glb with loose edges ticked on, and then push changes and in theory it should then appear in goerli? Appreciate you! <3

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Either update the armature OR try exporting to remove any loose edges and make sure all modifiers are also applied~

Also @Frank always feel free to connect us so I can support if they get stuck :smiley:

@michi They have reported back that clicking on ‘loose edges’ didn’t work, and I’m not knowledgeable enough to assist them further. I’d like to connect the two of you on discord if possible?

Sent you a FR over there (how are we not friends already) LOL

Thanks for your help!

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I’ll post here as well, currently there are some flipped faces visible under the hat and hair missing or not included~
If they dont want to add hair they will just need to fix the flipped faces underneath. : )

Just checking now, can you please update hair to be HAIR_MAT texture so it can change to the user and also still some flipped faces internally~~

Will also send into the DM

Thank you for fixing, thats all approved!