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SOS Denim

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SOS Denim Jacket

Sos Denim Pants

hi! checking collection now!

  • this part needs to be adjusted, right now looks too pervert :sweat_smile:

  • corner vertices of this part should be snapped to vertices of standard body legs, that way you will have seamless transition between parts, also corner vertices should set to 1 on hip bone

  • female legs corner vertices should be snapped to standard body corner vertices for seamless transition

  • can you move this part of jeans a bit higher, please? right now it overlaps with most of shoes

thank you

Hey @theankou , I’ve just updated this for the user. When you get a second can you re-review and let me know if you notice anything funny~
Pulled the heel in a bit and fixed female hips and removed male bulge.

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collection approved!