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Shower Costume

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Shower Costume


Hello, I can’t find this product in the market, can you help me, what do I want to buy? Thanks

this product has not yet been approved, after a positive decision DAO will appear in the Marketplace

thank you, you are very kind

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Hey, cool idea

I’d advise you to tweak the skinning though. Cause right now it causes some distortion. You can improve it by making sure that all the triangles in the same area, for example at the top of the shower costume are skinned to the same joint, right now they are skinned to different joints which causes different parts of the mesh to move in different directions which distorts the shape.

Hey @Chestnutbruze thanks for the feedback. Just uploaded the item with some fixes, let me know if everything is ok now.

Thank you!

Hey, thx for making changes

Didn’t see this last time, but the showerhead is clipping outside in some animations.

@Chestnutbruze should be fixed now, thank you!

can this have the psycho theme playing while running around? hahahaha im kidding this is amazing tho :smiley:

excellent idea…hahahaha :crazy_face:

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Approved it now :pray: :+1: