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Quantum Fighter - Jacket & Blade


The planet “Flageolet” was ruled by humans with connected brains that centralized power in their hands. While the inhabitants did not have any connected brains. The Quantum Dictator had control over the administration of taxation and money which was his monopoly. Thus, he made reign a totalitarian world where the soldiers behind were subject to his authority because corrupted in exchange for the computing power of their connected brains.

The quantum fighters have come at the behest of the Grand Chouxx, a power fighter to help him liberate the planet. They managed to fend off the threat, but for how long? The planet to find a semblance of tranquility, they are now the keepers of peace and campaign for non-violence, respect and courtesy, for shared computing power, so that the planet never falls back into the hands of quantum dictatorship.


interesting backstory and lovely wearable


Hi @ShooShoo apart from it overtly looking like a sith character with a lightsaber I can see it’s an original asset you’ve designed, however if you could fix one of these things up;


The weights on the ‘blade’ are a bit skewed and buggy during animations. Let me know when you have updated, cheers!

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thanks for the reply @Malloy !

We just edited it, tell me if its better now !


I have approved it, thanks for the reply

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Thanks @Malloy !

How can i mint it ? It’s still under review :slight_smile:

you might just have to wait for it to update;


Alright thanks for your help !

Have a good night !

See u soon in the metaverse :slight_smile:

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Hey, we pushed an edit, cause the black turned white for some reason! Waiting for ur approve :slight_smile:

Same wearable, but color black should come back as normal


Hey @Malloy , we just did a small fix for the colors, have u seen it.

thanks a lot