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Shining Holy

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Shining Holy Wing


Looks stunning :heart_eyes: woah!

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It’s my 1st collection in DCL . Now in Review. I do my best in this work. I hope the community will be interested in this work and support me. Please take a look and kindly give me some feedback or support! Thank you so much.


  • No more than 2 textures (at a resolution of 512x512px or lower) per wearable. All textures must be square.

Thank yuo , i will fix it

just change category to top_head.this is not a hat.
look at marketplace
i hope they approve it soon.

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This looks awesome :slight_smile:

We do have a size limit of 2.4m in width and height though. Can you double check in your modelling software that it is within this width?

Also, this is not a hat, should be categorized as a top_head instead.

And lastly, the thumbnail needs to have a transparent background so the rarity color shows

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i already fix my work , can you check again ? , thank for comment i will hope they appove it

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Father loves it!!! :heart_eyes:

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thank you , i loveee it too

Great thx :slight_smile:

one thing more:
can you remove the gold border? You can keep the icon in the bottom right, that’s fine

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ok sir , finally fix .

Really nice design :ok_hand:


Great, approving now :+1: